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Moonrockets LA Rocket Fuel 1g 1000mg (Special $45 1 g)


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Ready, set, blast-off. Moon Rockets  LA’s Rocket Fuel is filled with premium cannabis oil to either dab directly, bake edibles, or refill your own vaping device! Moon Rockets LA invites you to experience delicious flavors and euphoric sensations with their vape. Inside is a gram of pure cannabis oil testing 87% THC and filled with naturally derived terpenes. Moon Rockets LA only uses the best. Moon Rockets LA delivers the essence of the original strain with every dab.

• Astro OG (I)

• ATF (S)

• Banana (H)

• Blue Dream (S)

• Cardi G (S)

• Cuties (I)

• Durban Poison (S)

• Fanta (S)

• Gelato (I)

• GSC (H)

• GG#4 (H)

• Jamba Juice (S)

• Lemon Drop (H)

• MaiTai (H)

• Mango Tango (I)

• OG Kush (I)

• Orbitz (H)

• Pineapple (H)

• Purple Champagne (S)

• ReddBull (S)

• SFV OG (H)

• Skywalker (I)

• Stardust (H)

• Strawnana (H)

• Sour D (S)

• Sour Kids (S)

• Sprite (S)

• Tahoe OG (I)

• Zkittles (I)


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