GG#4 Paper Planes Preroll


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For tokes fit for a king, spark up MoonRockets LA’s Paper Planes Preroll. First MoonRockets LA began by creating Top Shelf moonrocks of the highest quality. Then rolled those sticky, powerful nugs with a King Sized RAW cone and coated the joint in 87% THC GG#$ distillate then dusted it in dry-sift kief. The result is a preroll that will take you to the moon and back. Every toke provides profoundly euphoric sensations thanks to this masterful blend achieved by MoonRockets LA.

MoonRockets LA invites you to experience delicious flavors and euphoric sensations with their GG#4 oil testing 87% THC and filled with naturally derived terpenes. MoonRockets LA only uses the best, and delivers the essence of the original strain with every dab.


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